We greatly value your contribution to the WikiCamps community and support all activity and submissions. Our goal is to continue delivering an honest, safe and trustworthy source for camping advice and information - both positive and negative.

To help us with this goal, we ask that you abide by the following content guidelines for all site additions, descriptions, reviews and photography inclusions:


We do not allow reviews or photography that contain links or content solely included for further promotional purposes. Content offered in exchange for personal gain such as gifts, services, or money will be removed.

Recency & Relevancy

Reviews should be from your recent experiences. They should relevant and helpful for the WikiCamps camping community – please keep in mind other users are reading your review(s) to gain a better understanding of what an experience at that campground, caravan park or point-of-interest might be like.

Keep it clean

To maintain a healthy community environment, we don’t allow any profanity or vulgarities on our site, ever. We will remove all content of a sexually explicit nature, prejudiced language, threats, or any personal insults. Any content that describes or depicts first-hand participation in or advocates for illegal activities will be removed. Content containing extremely graphic descriptions of death, injuries or violent criminal acts will not be posted.


We don't allow individuals or businesses who own, or are affiliated with, a site listing to post reviews of their own business or to rate, review, comment or post on a competing establishment.

Reviews and comments submitted in an attempt to blackmail an individual via their business will be immediately removed and the user banned from WikiCamps.

First-Hand Only

Our community wants to hear about your experience. This means no second-hand information, rumours or inuendo from others. Please only provide reviews based on your own experiences and be sure to include enough detail in your review that others in the community will find helpful.

Site Review Criteria

Reviews by their very nature are subjective and, we strongly believe, negative reviews are equally as valuable as positive reviews and we won't remove a review unless...

  • they contain personal insults or name calling

  • it doesn't offer a 'review' of their first-hand and recent experience (camping, campground, facilities, features)

  • the review contains profanity or vulgarity

  • the content is sexually explicit

  • it contains prejudiced language (e.g. sexism, racism)

  • threats are made

  • there are serious allegations with potential legal implications

  • a review descends into a forum-style of comments and replies

  • the review has clearly been posted on the wrong site listing

We reserve the right to remove reviews, photos and ban users, without discussion, that we believe overstep these guidelines and no longer promote a healthy community environment.

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