Lake Marian

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Hollyford Road, South Island


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Lat: -44.792427 Lng: 168.082583

User Reviews



Absolutely stunning lake, so worth the difficult trail. Stick to the shore you arrive on though, the other banks have avalanches in winter and spring, a pretty big one came down while we were there and while they're amazing from a distance you don't want to be in their way...



All the track is open! Did it today (14/12) in 3,5h with a break at the lake who is absolutely beautiful! Be careful on the track, it's very steppy and it can be difficult in case of rain. Cheers



Only around 20minutes return open at the moment. So to the waterfall, which is really cool. Don't be a douche and cross the closed sign, idiots like the below comment are the idiots who get stuck out in the bush or injured for ignoring warnings and need saving.


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