The Pines Tavern


3.6 from 13 users


816 Fairdown Road, RD 1, Westport 7891, South Island

(03) 789 9872


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Lat: -41.739132 Lng: 171.705775

User Reviews



We spent one night, we were alone. The owner was not in a bad mood (pretty surprised after all the reviews about her), she gave us some tips to visit the surroundings. Quiet place, the only bad point was the outdoor toilets which were more than dirty.


User 198163

It's a really lovely place. The food is nice and quite cheap. Stayed there one night. The owner is really rude though. As mentioned in the comment below she is probably not happy with her life or i don't know but it's sad because the place is really awesome. Hope the next owner is one who manages the place as it should be managed. With love and kindness. Wouldn't recommend to stay there till it's sold



I had a really good stay here. Good food, free WiFi, shower 3$ and really friendly staff except the owner. She was really rude to me. I guess she's not happy with her situation and/or life in general. That's why I ask u guys to share and spread your love with her. Show her that there is so much more than anger on our planet. So much more we can be grateful for. Sometimes we forget it because of bad things that happened to us, but especially that's why other people can help by sending their positive energy to someone like her. She's providing a good place to stay with good and fair price food. So if that doesn't make her happy we can give something else back than money -> Love :) And that's not spiritual nonsense. That's just the one thing which connects all of us Have u beautiful day :)


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