Blue Penguins Coming Ashore Lookout

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Waterfront Road, Oamaru, South Island.


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Lat: -45.109925 Lng: 170.980562

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Waitaki district council prohibited access in 2019 after finding out that allowing public access was in breach of consent from the Otago regional council to use the breakwater. It's a shame because the tour is so expensive


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Lots of people stand on the breakway to try to see penguins, a private security guard tells people to leave at request of Council due to danger, but there are no signs and we found no record of a Council order (just proposals). It might be dangerous to stand there, but seems more like the "show" doesn't like that everyone who paid $40 for the "show" can see others seeing the same penguins for free. Better to avoid this hassle and just walk along the waterfront path, if you're quiet and keep your lights off you'll see many penguins coming ashore. Stay quiet and don't shine lights, noise and light will scare the penguins away.


@Jeremybackpacker (IG cousin)

How to turn a natural habitat into a ridiculous circus. Even NZ travelers are ashamed of this. You can stand on the left to spot the penguins coming ashore for free (we saw 40 of them making their way up around 7pm) but you gotta pay to see them close (which we did not). Or you can drive to the other spot 3 min away and spot some for free :)


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