Hope Saddle Rest Area


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Freedom camping permitted in CERTIFIED SELF-CONTAINED VEHICLES ONLY. You may stay a maximum of 2 nights in any calendar month or consecutive four-week period. Picnic area & public toilets on site. Take all rubbish with you and leave no trace. Keep New Zealand clean. Always use the toilet in your vehicle or a public toilet.

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Lat: -41.627789 Lng: 172.719664

User Reviews



The views from the lookout are fantastic! There is no 'No Camping' signs so we stayed the night with no dramas. However, there are thousands of wasps and 1 in the group of 3 did get stung (me! And I did nothing to deserve it). They're not the worst wasp sting though tbh. No sandflies which were a bonus! We left early to go to Lake Rotoroa for Breakie and the sandlfies there were worse than the wasps at Hope Saddle- sting and all! Would stay here again. Sunset at the lookout point was awesome! Stayed mid Jan



Unbelievably scenic and a serene spot of natural beauty. However, unless camping with more wasps than you can shake a stick at is high up on your bucket list - I would give it a miss



Sign said no camping.


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